Aliza Abd. Latif, Ts. Dr.

IT Governance, Maturity Model, Disaster Management

Ammuthavali Ramasamy, Dr.

Information Management, IT Strategic Planning

Asmidar Abu Bakar, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.

Access control, Information Security, Trust and Privacy

Azhana Ahmad, Ts. Dr.

Intelligent Software Agents

Azimah Abdul Ghapar, Ts.

Network Security, Internet of Things

Azlan Yusof

Multi-agent Semantic Web Model

Azmi Mohd Yusof, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Virtual and Mixed Reality, Smart Document Tracking, GPS and Freight Tracking

Eze Manzura Mohd Mahidin

Multimedia and learning technologies, Virtual Reality

Faridah Hani Mohamed Salleh, Ts. Dr.

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Hidayah Sulaiman, Dr.

IT Adoption & Governance, Knowledge Management, Data Analytics, Virtual Learning

Hasniza Yahya, Ts.

Knowledge Management, Information management, E-Learning

Hairoladenan Kasim, Ts. Dr.

Information Management, Knowledge Management, Information System Audit and Governance, IT Project Management and consultation

Jaspaljeet Singh Ranjit Singh, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.

Health Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, Management Information Systems

Lim Fung Chen, Ts.

Ontology, Smart Campus Technology, Data Privacy Protection, E-waste management

Lim Kok Cheng, Ts. Dr.

Software Testing, Usability Engineering, Digital Marketing Analytics

Manjit Singh Sidhu, Prof. Ts. Dr.

User Interface Design, Patterns of Interactions in Multimedia, Computer Vision, VR & AR Applications, Teaching Analytics

Marina Md Din, Ts.

Wireless  Network, Mobile and data Communication, Crowdsourcing Volunteered, Geographic Information

Masyura Ahmad Faudzi

Computer Graphics, Image Processing, UX Design, HCI

Md. Nabil Ahmad Zawawi, Ts.

Steganography, Information Security, Computer Security, Instructional Design

Mohammed Azlan Mohamed Iqbal, Ts. Dr.

AI and Game aesthetics

Mohana Shanmugam, Dr.

Social Commerce, Social Informatics, Information Management

Naziffa Raha Md Nasir, Ts.

Computer Assisted Systems in Health

Nazrita Ibrahim, Ts. Dr.

Virtual Heritage, Health Informatics (using Virtual Reality)

Mohd Hazli Mohamed Zabil, Ts. Dr.

Software Testing, Combinatorial Optimization, Metaheuristic Algorithms, Machine Learning

Mutahir Mohamed Ariff

Animation Studies, 3D Modeling, Digital Filmmaking, Visual Effects, Infographics, UX Design

Noor Fardela Zainal Abidin, Dr.

Gaming Behavior, Human Computer Interaction, Ethnography Methods

Noorazizun Mohd Saad, Ts.

E-learning, IT education, Class management

Norziana Jamil, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.

Cryptology, Quantum crypto, Security for wireless network, ethical hacking, security protocols, network analysis, numerical analysis and all sorts of mathematical security proof

Nur Laila Ab Ghani

Data Analytics, Educational Data Mining

Ridha Omar

User Experience, Mixed Reality

Rajina M. A Raj Mohamed, Ts.

Networking, Wireless Communication, Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing

Rohaini Ramli, Ts. Dr.

E-Learning, Knowledge Management

Rina Md Anwar, Ts.

Crowdsourcing, E-waste management

Rina Azlin Razali, Ts.

Genetic Algorithm, Parallel Programming, Interconnection Networks, Network on Chip

Rozita Ismail, Ts. Dr.

User experience, Interface design for children with learning disabilities

Rosnafisah Sulaiman, Ts. Dr.

Information systems strategy, E-business, Business outsourcing

Salman Yussof, Prof. Ts. Dr.
Computer Systems and Networks, Next Generation Internet Technologies, Network Security, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Education

Sera Syarmila Sameon

Network, Embedded System and application on smart phone

Sharul Azim Sharudin, Ts. Dr.

Typography, Advertising, Layout Design, Visual Communication

Muhammad Sufyian Mohd Azmi, Ts.

Data Mining Analytics, Mobile Apps Technology

Surizal Nazeri, Ts.

Embedded system, Computer application and operating system

T.J. Iskandar Abd. Aziz, Ts.

Blended Learning /Flipped Teaching, Knowledge Management, Courseware Development, Instructional Design, Learning Management System

Wahidah Hashim, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.

WLAN communications, International Mobile Telecommunication Systems, Cognitive Radio, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing

Yunus Yusoff, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.

Computer Forensics, Computer Security, Disaster Recovery

Zaihisma Che Cob, Ts. Dr.

Knowledge Management, Data Analytic, Human-Computer Interactions

Zailani Ibrahim, Ts.

Agent-based Technologies, Mobile Crowdsourcing, E-learning and cloud computing

Moamin A Mahmoud, Ts. Dr.
Intelligent Software Agents

Zul-azri Bin Ibrahim, Ts.

Computer Security and Digital Forensic

Zainuddin Hassan, Prof. Dr.
AI System, E-Learning, Object-Oriented Technology

Chen Soon Der, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.
Image Processing, Computer Vision

Nor’ashikin Ali, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.
E-Learning, Knowledge Management

Mohd Ezanee Rusli, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.
Embedded System, Networking, Wireless Sensor Network, Parallel Systems, Network Security

Badariah Solemon, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.
Requirements Engineering, Crowdsourcing Software, Process Improvement

Rubijesmin Abdul Latif, Ts.
Assistive technologies, User Experience, Games Design and Testing

Saraswathy Shamini Gunasekaran, Ts. Dr.
Knowledge Management, Game Design

Suhaimi Ab. Rahman, Ts. Dr.
Computational linguistics, Intelligent text processing, Data and knowledge engineering

Abbas Mohamed Ali Al-Ghail Dr.

Reema Ahmed Abdalla Bin Thabit, Dr.

Ahmed Mubarak Ahmed Al-haiqi, Dr.