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About Me

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03-89212020 Ext: 2325
Department of Informatics

Academic Qualifications

  1. Master of Science, University of Bristol, 2005
  2. Bachelor in Information Technology (Hons), Universiti Tenaga Nasional, 2002

Working Experiences

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Courses Taught

  1. CGMB113 - Multimedia Technologies
  2. CGMB214 - Computer Graphics I
  3. CGMB234 - Multimedia System Design
  4. CGMB324 - Multimedia System Design
  5. CGMB344 - Multimedia System Design
  6. CGMB424 - Image Processing and Computer Vision
  7. CGMB434 - Virtual Reality
  8. CGNB413 - Project 1
  9. CGNB424 - Project 2
  10. CISB412 - Ethics and IT Professional Practices
  11. CMPB485 - Advanced Computer Graphics
  12. CMPD274 - Database System
  13. CMPF112 - Computing Skills
  14. CMPF124 - Personal Productivity with Information Technology
  15. CSEB113 - Principles of Programming
  16. CSEB114 - Principles of Programming
  17. CSEB134 - Programming I
  18. CVMB114 - Creative Programming I
  19. CVMB544 - Audio Video Production
  20. CVMB554 - Computer Graphics
  21. CVMB584 - Game Programming

Professional Bodies

Research Projects


  1. Rina Bte. Md. Anwar, Pn., MASYURA BTE. AHMAD FAUDZI, Cik; Analysis Of The Effects And Relationship Of Perceived Handwritten Signature's Size, Graphical Complexity, And Legibility With Dynamic Parameters For Forged And Genuine Samples; Journal Of Forensic Sciences; Online ISSN: 1556-402Volume 58, Issue 3, pages 724-731Impact Factor: 1.229; 01 May 2013; Journal; ISI
  2. Izyana Binti Ariffin, Puan, ALIZA BTE ABDUL LATIF, PUAN, MASYURA BTE. AHMAD FAUDZI, Cik, SITI SALBIAH BTE MOHAMED SHARIFF, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Mawaddah Binti Mohamad Nadzir; Information Audit In Electricity Utilities: Roles,Methodologies, Issues And Challenges; The 2Nd International Conference On Computer And Information Sciences (Iccoins2014); ISBN: 978-4799-4392-0; 03 Jun 2014; Conference Proceeding; SCOPUS
  3. MASYURA BTE. AHMAD FAUDZI, Cik; Image Stitching Of Textures For Augmented Reality Medical Training; International Conference On Computer Assisted Systems In Health (Cash 2014); Conference Proceeding; 20 Dec 2014; Conference Proceeding; None
  4. MASYURA BTE. AHMAD FAUDZI, Cik; Mapping Points Of Cloud Of Single Image Onto Mri For 3D Cardiac Modeling For Augmented Reality; Arpn Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences; ISSN:1819-6608Volume 10, Issue 15; 05 Oct 2015; Journal; SCOPUS