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About Me

Full Name:
Contact Number:
03-89212020 Ext: 7502
Department of Foundation & Diploma Studies (CCI)

Academic Qualifications

  1. CPRE-FL, IREB, 2015
  2. MIT in Computer Science, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 2003
  3. BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1997

Working Experiences

Position Place of Work Start End
Lecturer UNITEN 1997 2020
Analyst Programmer Wawasan IT Sdn Bhd 1997 1997

Courses Taught

  1. CCSB163 - Principles of Programming
  2. CCSB263 - Advanced Programming
  3. CCSB364 - Data Structure and Algorithm
  4. CGNB314 - Industrial Training
  5. CGNB413 - Project 1
  6. CGNB424 - Project 2
  7. CGND314 - Project
  8. CISB254 - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using JAVA
  9. CISB412 - Ethics and IT Professional Practices
  10. CMPB114 - Computing Skills
  11. CMPB164 - Principles of C Programming
  12. CMPB245 - Database Design
  13. CMPB274 - Data Structures & Algorithms
  14. CMPD114 - Programming
  15. CMPD133 - Discrete Structures
  16. CMPD144 - Programming 1
  17. CMPD153 - Systems Administration
  18. CMPD223 - Computer Organization
  19. CMPD244 - Programming 2
  20. CMPD274 - Database System
  21. CMPD364 - Object-oriented Programming
  22. CMPF112 - Computing Skills
  23. COEB314 - Industrial Training
  24. CPRB423 - Project ll
  25. CPRB424 - Project II
  26. CSEB113 - Principles of Programming
  27. CSEB114 - Principles of Programming
  28. CSEB134 - Programming I
  29. CSEB324 - Data Structure and Algorithm
  30. CSEB334 - Object Oriented Programming
  31. CSNB143 - Discrete Structures

Professional Bodies

  1. ACM: - 2004

Research Projects

  1. Computer Literacy and Students' Performance in Programming Course: Survey and Analysis Among UNITEN
  2. E-Procurement
  3. Improving Students' Understanding on the Object-oriented Software Development Topic
  4. The Development of Component Composition Tool


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  2. HAZLEEN BINTI ARIS, FARIDAH HANI BTE MOHAMED SALLEH, ZAILANI BT IBRAHIM; Current Practice, Problems And Factors In Cosd Application: A Component Users Perspective; 8Th Ieee/Acis International Conference On Computer And Information Science; ; 01 Jun 2009; Conference Proceeding; ISI
  3. ALICIA TANG YEE CHONG, AZHANA AHMAD, ZAILANI BT IBRAHIM; Empowering Learning Management System Using Multi-Agent Approach: A Proposal; 1St Coit Technical Paper Publication ; 2012 1st COIT Technical Paper Publication Vol. I No. I.; 30 Aug 2012; Other; None
  4. Salman Bin Yussof, ZAILANI BT IBRAHIM, MARINA BTE MD. DIN, AZIMAH BTE ABDUL GHAPAR, NORASHIDAH BTE MD. DIN, Fairuz Bin Abdullah; Review Of Visualization Techniques For Landslide Data; International Seminar On Landslide Research Malaysia-Japan; The paper will be compiled into a book by the conference organizer.; 16 Nov 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
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  6. ZAILANI BT IBRAHIM, HAZLEEN BINTI ARIS; Effective And Efficient Attendance Tracking System Using Secret Code ; International Conference On Information Technology And Multimedia At Uniten (Icimu 2014); pp.: 109 - 114 eISBN No: 978-967-5770-60-9; 20 Nov 2014; Conference Proceeding; SCOPUS
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  8. ZAILANI BT IBRAHIM, HAZLEEN BINTI ARIS; On The Challenges Of Tvet Delivery Through E-Learning: A Systematic Review; World Tvet Conference 2015; Poster presentation; 25 Aug 2015; Other; None
  9. Adzly Anuar, ZAILANI BT IBRAHIM; Evaluating The Motivation And Expectation Of Mechanical And Civil Engineering Student In Computer Programming Subject; 2016 Ieee International Conference On Teaching And Learning In Education; Volume :1, Issue No :2016, Article ID :1570234253, Page Start :203, Page End :207, ISSN :978-1-4673-9516-8 ; 01 Mar 2016; Conference Proceeding; SCOPUS
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