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About Me

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03-89212020 Ext: 7576
Department of Economics & Management

Academic Qualifications

  1. Masters In Business Administration, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 2006
  2. Bachelor in Corporate Administration, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 2002

Working Experiences

Position Place of Work Start End
Contract Lecturer Universiti Teknologi MARA 2002 2005
Credit/Marketing Executive Bumiputra Commerce Bank 1996 2002

Courses Taught

  1. COEB432 - Principles of Management
  2. EMPB113 - Principles of Management
  3. HRSB393 - Applied HR Research
  4. MGMB313 - Business Ethics
  5. MGMB314 - Strategic Management
  6. MGMB323 - Management Science
  7. MGMB333 - Strategic Management
  8. MGTB433 - Strategic Management
  9. MGTF013 - Introduction to Business Management
  10. MKTF013 - Principles of Marketing
  11. MMTB333 - Strategic Management
  12. PNGB213 - Management Science
  13. PNGB313 - Business Ethics
  14. PNGB333 - Strategic Management

Professional Bodies

Research Projects


  1. faizah mohd khalid, ZALINA HASHIM, NORBAINI ABDUL, Rusnita Bte. Alimun, Mahlindayu Binti Tarmidi @ Tokhid, Miss; Entrepreneur Profile: A Study Of Business Students At Universiti Tenaga Nasional; Human Capital Optimisation: Strategies, Challenges & Sustainability; Volume :1, Issue No :1, Article ID :none, Page Start :35, Page End :35, ISSN :none; 16 Dec 2007; Conference Proceeding; None
  2. Rusnita Bte. Alimun, Mafuzah Bte. Mohamad; Innovation For Sustainable Development In Audit Preparation Process; 15Th International Conference On Iso&Tqm 15-Icit And Chartered Institute Of Building Ciob (Malaysia) Annual Conference 2011; Volume :,, Issue No :,, Article ID :,, Page Start :35, Page End :36, ISSN :,; 26 Jul 2011; Conference Proceeding; None
  3. Rusnita Bte. Alimun, Mohamad Ishak Mohamad Ibrahim, Suhaida Mohd. Sood, Puan, Yuzainee Bte. Md Yusoff, Puan, Roslina Binti Ab Ghapar, Cik; Development Of Key Performance Indicators For Academic Staff: A Case Study In Uniten; International Conference On Teaching And Learning Education 2013 (Ictle’13); ISBN: 978-967-5770-40-1, Vol.2, pp. 391-400; 21 May 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  4. ZURINA BINTI ISMAIL, Rusnita Bte. Alimun; Does Tqm Practices Enhance Workforce Performance: A Case Of Uniten; National Symposium & Exhibition On Business And Accounting 2013; Total Quality Management is a tool for employees to practice continuous improvement in enhancing their performance. It is a management philosophy proven by researchers in improving quality and productivity. The ISO 9001:2008 encourages a process approach to quality management. Having certified in 2009, UNITEN’s employees have been exposed to a working environment with a continuous improvement culture unconsciously. The purpose of this study is to examine the TQM practices toward workforce performance. The result is an evident to whether TQM practices is effective in improving the workforce performance. 200 questionnaires were distributed to UNITEN staff selected randomly. The analysis was on descriptive statistic, reliability and correlation. ; 19 Jun 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  5. Rusnita Bte. Alimun, Mahiah Bte. Said, Cik, ZURINA BINTI ISMAIL; Understanding Level Energy Conservation Among Students Of Malaysian Higher Learning Institution; National Symposium & Exhibition On Business And Accounting 2013; The unsustainable consumer behavior is creating an imbalance development in the economic,social and ecological levels. Having the awareness and knowing the side effects of excessive consumption of resources calls for conservation behavior. The purpose of this study is to explain the conservation behavior as one of the aspects in green management and its significance in supporting and materializing the objective of energy saving. The findings will reveal the level of conservation behavior among students based on their understanding on the subject matter.; 19 Jun 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  6. Rusnita Bte. Alimun, ZURINA BINTI ISMAIL; Integrity Inculcation Blueprint ; National Symposium & Exhibition On Business And Accounting 2013; Integrity is an intangible core value of any organization that serves as the foundation to a performance culture. Being the basis to a strong culture, The Integrity Inculcation Blueprint is developed to indoctrinate the values of integrity in employees. The theory involved in this blueprint is the VBN Theory (Value-Belief-Norm Theory) where the components of values among employees need to be clearly identified, understood and predetermined in order to instill the beliefs of integrity and finally creating norms from the beliefs.It is a system of beliefs developed from a tool of value creation. It not only helps with the development of values but in the initial stage, it will involve the identification and correction and direction to integrity values. It is a total quality management that focuses on the core value of integrity.The concept of the blueprint is analogous to the significance of inculcating the right culture and it can be used by any organization to mold the integrity culture in a very systematic manner.; 19 Jun 2013; Other; None
  7. ZURINA BINTI ISMAIL, Rusnita Bte. Alimun; Role Personality Predictor Inventory In Student Selection; National Symposium & Exhibition On Business & Accounting (Nseba 2014); Summary of Invention:The selection of students for teachers' training institution's is very challenging. With the high demand in the teaching professions, the selection of students for teacher training institutions are made on a very large scale, mainly focusing on the cognitive ability of candidates. At first sight this appears to be a good thing as it allows the best students to be accepted. The real problem lies in determining how ‘best’ should be defined. Does “best” refers to students who will perform better at school or the one who will perform best in a lifetime of teaching practice? Are the two the same or are there different predictors for each? A range of academic and non-academic criteria are used for selection, including matriculation scenes, aptitude test and interview. The interview is not sufficient for assessing these characteristics. The selection processes need to have clear aims (must be valid, reliable, and unbiased). There is an online personality test, but not being used in the selection process. We are suggesting the use of personality test inventory as centralized selection centers and programs in the selection of students who are future teachers; 19 Mar 2014; Conference Proceeding; None
  8. Muhammad Shuib Bin Abd Sukor, HANIM SALLEH, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Rusnita Bte. Alimun, Norhuieda Bte Zainal Abidin, Puan; Garis Panduan Umum Syariah Uniten; M. Shuib M.S., Hanim S., Rusnita A., Norhuieda Z.A. (Pnyt.), (2018). Garis Panduan Umum Syariah Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Pusat Kemajuan Kualiti, Universiti Tenaga Nasional.; Level: National,Publisher : Universiti Tenaga Nasional, ISBN : 978-967-5770-73-9, No of Pages :22; 15 Mar 2018; Non-Research Book; None
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