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About Me

Full Name:
Contact Number:
03-89212020 Ext: 2260
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Academic Qualifications

  1. Blended Learning Essentials Program @ FutureLearn, University of Leeds and UCL Institute of Education, 2018
  2. Big Data Analytics Program @ FutureLearn, Queensland University of Technology, 2018
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, 2014
  4. Master of Science in Digital Communication Systems, Loughborough University, 2002
  5. Bachelor of Electrical Eng. (Electronics)(Hons.), Universiti Tenaga Nasional, 2000

Working Experiences

Position Place of Work Start End
Senior Lecturer Universiti Tenaga Nasional 2013 2020
Lecturer Universiti Tenaga Nasional 2002 2013
Tutor Universiti Tenaga Nasional 2000 2002

Courses Taught

  1. CHEB111 - Chemistry Lab
  2. ECCB363 - Wireless and Mobile Communication
  3. EECB423 - Data Communication and Network
  4. EECB473 - Data Network Architecture and Electronics
  5. EEEB141 - Electronics Design Lab
  6. EEEB2021 - Electronics Design Lab
  7. EEEB261 - Digital Logic Design Lab
  8. EEEB273 - Electronics Analysis & Design II
  9. EEEB473 - Image Processing

Professional Bodies

  1. IEEE: - 2001
  2. IEM: - 2004
  3. IET: - 2004
  4. Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM): - 2019
  5. International Society for Educational Initiatives: - 2019
  6. Malaysia Board of Technologies (MBOT): - 2019
  7. Malaysia Board of Technologies (MBOT): - 2020
  8. Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM): - 2014

Research Projects

  1. 1. Design and Construction of a hybrid end-to-end (E2E) converged network testing and implementation system
  2. Application of DSP in the Power Line Carrier Environment
  3. Designing Blended Learning Lesson Application/Software
  4. Development of a 2.4 GHz microstripline educational trainer for the purpose of imparting high frequency microwave technology to students, scientists and engineers
  5. Development of HF Link Model for SCADA Data Transmission in Areas with Challenging Access
  6. Feasibility Study on Differentiated Learning/Adaptive Learning Using Moodle LMS Platform
  7. Flash Flood Forecasting Analytics in Kajang Town Using IoT: A Case Study
  8. Network Emulation of Layer 2 and Layer 3 Virtual Private Network Using Combination of Simulation Software and Real Hardware
  9. Study on Potential Interference From Digital Power Line (DPL) Network Systems at Universiti Tenaga Nasional
  10. UWB implementation of PLC-based communication


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