Prof. Ir. Dr. Agileswari A/P Ramasamy
College of Graduate Studies (COGS)
Putrajaya Campus
Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

Greetings from the College of Graduate Studies (COGS) UNITEN.


Our college currently offers postgraduate studies in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Accounting, Finance and Business Management. All our sixteen programmes, which include mixed-mode, full-research, and coursework programmes are accredited by Malaysia Qualifications Agency and are approved programmes under the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

Our postgraduate programmes provide a quality education through teaching and research excellence piloted by our high calibre and experienced academic staff from our three main colleges, i.e. College of Engineering, College of Computing and Informatics and College of Business Management and Accounting. Our lecturers perform research and consultancy that are in keeping with the current needs of business and are in line with the vision and objective of UNITEN. They have strong linkages with local and international industries as well as academia. Our postgraduate students have a wide range of opportunities to select research projects provided by our well-established and recognized five research institutes: -

  • Institute of Power Engineering (IPE)
  • Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE)
  • Institute of Energy Infrastructure (IEI)
  • Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe)
  • Institute of Informatics and Computing in Energy (IICE)


Students also have the opportunity to propose their own individual research projects in consultation with the relevant college lecturers.

The student body at COGS is made up of recent graduates as well as professionals in the workforce who want to pursue further degrees to advance in their careers. We have a healthy mix of local and international students, and our Graduate Activity Club gives them a forum for conversation. The club conducts presentations and industrial visits, promotes the 3 Minute Thesis competition, hosts Coffee Hour Sessions, and serves as the conference's secretariat for our iGRAD conference. Through the UNITEN mobility programme, students can also learn about the top research techniques (best practices) in other nations to widen their research horizons and strengthen their linkages.

Our goal at COGS is to create graduates who will not only be knowledgeable but also skilful, autonomous, highly driven, and professional, making them valuable assets to any organisation. Join us, and we'll give you the tools you need to soar higher in life.



At COGS, we manage Postgraduate Programmes for our students in collaboration with our partner colleges including College of Engineering (COE), College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), College of Business Management & Accounting (COBA) and College of Energy Economics & Social Sciences (CES).

Why Postgraduate at UNITEN?

  • Top class lecturers with international recognition
  • Students exposed to corporate and industrial specialist
  • Strong research collaborations with other higher learning institutions and industries.

To understand the programmes structure, kindly download the link Postgraduate Programme Structure

Our Programmes
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Business Management, Accounting & Energy Economics


Computing & Informatics


Contact Us

College of Graduate Studies (COGS)
Level 4, Administration Building
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Putrajaya Campus, Jalan IKRAM-UNITEN
43000 Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.

Administration Office
​T +603-8921 2020 ext 3019 / 3072 / 3010 / 3012
F +603-8921 2065

College Management

Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Prof. Ir. Dr. Agileswari A/P Ramasamy

T: +603-8928 7307


Deputy Dean, (Academic, Quality and Student Affairs)
Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Nor'ashikin Ali

T: +603-8928 7307

Deputy Dean, (External Relations and Business Development)
Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Chen Soong Der

T: +603-8928 7332


Head of Department (Engineering & Interdisciplinary Programmes), Programme Coordinator: Master of Mechanical Engineering
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jawaid I. Inayat-Hussain

T: +603-8928 7318


Head of Department, Programme Coordinator: PhD in ICT, Master of Information Technology, Master of Software Engineering
Ts. Dr. Rozita Ismail

T: +603-8928 3028


Head of Department (Business & Management)
Dr. Mohd Rizuan Abdul Kadir

T: +603-8928 7326

Programme Coordinator: PhD in Engineering & Master of Electrical Engineering (Structure A)
Ir. Dr. Noor Shamsiah Othman

T: +603-8928 7304


Programme Coordinator: PhD in Industrial Science, Master of Industrial Science, Master of Civil Engineering, Master of Structural Engineering
Dr. Wong Leong Sing

T: +603-8928 7250


Programme Coordinator: Master of Electrical Engineering (Structure B), Master of Communications Systems Engineering (Structure C)
Dr. Renuga Verayiah

T: +603-8928 7324


Programme Coordinator: Phd in Business Management
Dr. Mohammad Khudari

T: +603-8928 7325

Programme Coordinator: Master of Energy Management
Dr.Zeittey Karmilla Bte Kaman

T: +03-8928 7334

Programme Coordinator: Master of Science in Accounting
Dr. Azleen Binti Ilias

T: DL: +609-455 2112

Programme Coordinator: Master of Science in Finance
Mdm. Siti Fara Fadila Binti Abd. Razak

T: DL: +609-455 3127


Programme Coordinator: Master of Science in Management
Mdm. Mafuzah Binti Mohammad

T: DL: +609-455 2029


Programme Coordinator: Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering Management
Dr. Juraifa Bte Jais

T: +603-8928 6903


Head of Teaching, Learning and Accreditation Unit
Dr. Rabiah Eladwiah Abdul Rahim

T: +603-8928 3028

Quality Manager/Senior Lecturer
Dr. Shaharina Bt Mokhtar

T: +603-8928 7515

Manager (Examination, Finance & Administration)
Mdm. Mazita Bte. Mohd Noor

T: +06 03-8928 7300 

Executive (Viva-voce)
Mdm. Noraida Binti Mohammad Anuar

T: +603-8928 7301

Admin Executive (Timetable & Progress Report)
Mdm. Nadiah Bt Mohd Halim

T: +603-8928 7309