Admission by APEL

APEL stands for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning. Admission by APEL basically recognised the informal education such as working experience as part of entry qualification requirement or when applying for credit transfer. The recognition procedure is a systematic process involving the identification, documentation, and assessment of learning based on past experience. APEL is divided into two types:

  • APEL A - APEL for Access Purpose and
  • APEL (C) - APEL for Credit Award.

Currently UNITEN is accepting students for APEL A only for both campuses - Putrajaya and Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Muadzam Shah, Pahang. For more information regarding APEL, please visit

APEL (A) @ UNITEN, Kampus Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Muadzam Shah, Pahang

UNITEN KSHAS menerima kemasukan bagi program-program terpilih Diploma, Ijazah Sarjana Muda dan Sarjana dengan menggunakan kelulusan APEL (A). Ianya adalah bagi menggantikan syarat kemasukan umum yang biasa khususnya bakal-bakal pelajar yang sedang bekerja dan tidak memenuhi syarat kemasukan umum bagi melanjutkan pengajian ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi. Staf-staf sokongan dan pentadbiran atau lain-lain di UNITEN/TNB/anak-anak syarikat TNB atau institusi/agensi kerajaan/swasta yang tidak memiliki Diploma, Ijazah Sarjana Muda dan Sarjana boleh mengambil peluang ini untuk bekerja sambil melanjutkan pengajian di UNITEN, Muadzam Shah, Pahang (bagi beberapa program terpilih secara separuh masa) atau secara sepenuh masa.

Hubungi Unit Pembangunan Bisnes, UNITEN KSHAS untuk maklumat lanjut di emel : (019-988 9390) atau (019-983 9934).


APEL (A) recognises the learning regardless of how and where it was acquired for the purpose of access to a programme. It provides opportunities for those who have working experience but lack of qualification or academic qualifications to continue their studies at UNITEN.

APEL (A) assessment involves the assessment of the knowledge gained by a person through formal education or through his previous experience.

To date, UNITEN accepts three entry levels namely:

  • Admission to Diploma  (APEL T-4)
  • Admission to Bachelor (APEL T-6)
  • Admission to Master (APEL T-7).


Fees for APEL (A) assessment are stipulated by MQA.

  • Diploma: RM155
  • Bachelor: RM250
  • Master: RM370


Candidates are required to submit the application for APEL (A) certification to MQA or Pusat Penilaian APEL. Assessment Instrument of APEL (A) is standardised and administered nationwide.


1. Only applicable to Malaysian
2. Pass the Aptitude Test and Portfolio
3. Minimum age requirements

  • Diploma –20 years old
  • Bachelor – 21 years old
  • Master –30 years old.

APEL (C) *

Note : * APEL (C) has not been opened yet for admission to UNITEN.

APEL (C) is an individual’s (informal and non-formal) learning assessment process based on accumulated experience (knowledge and skills) to obtain credit transfer for courses that have been chosen.

Emphasis should be given to the main concept of APEL (C) which is an assessment of the individual’s ability to use the learning achieved through his experience in achieving learning outcomes of a course.

Benefits of APEL (C):

  • Recognize learning gained from working and short courses taken
  • Reducing repeat learning
  • Encourage entry of adult candidates into higher education programs
  • Reduce costs and time to graduate.


Fees for APEL (C) assessment are stipulated by the University.


Candidates are required to submit the application for APEL (C) certification to assessment to the HEPs. Assessment Instrument of APEL (C) of the University is varied depending on the nature of the course and students' preferences.


1. Open to all (Malaysian & International)
2. Pass the APEL (C) assessment
3. No minimum age requirements.