Admission by APEL


You may now enrol in an academic programme based on your prior working experience.

We acknowledge your professional experience through APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) and your eligibility to enroll in a formal education programme.     


What is APEL?

APEL stands for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning. It is a systematic process involving the identification, documentation, and evaluation of prior experiential learning, which includes knowledge, skills, and attitudes, to determine the extent to which an individual has attained the desired learning outcomes for admission to a programme of study through APEL for Access (APEL.A).



APEL.A recognises the learning regardless of how or where it was acquired for programme admission. It provides opportunities for those with work experience but no academic or professional credentials to continue their education at UNITEN for the following levels of study:  

  • Level 4 MQF (Diploma)
  • Level 6 MQF (Bachelor's Degree)
  • Level 7 MQF (Masters's Degree)


How Do I Start? 

  1. Check if you meet the requirements for APEL.A Assessment

Level of Study


Minimum Qualification

Relevant Work Experience 



Not a requirement


Bachelor's Degree


Not a requirement


Master's Degree


STPM or Diploma


  1. Log into the MQA portal to submit the application form via


  1. Select the open centre of assessment for APEL (Pusat Penilaian APEL (PPA)) listed on the MQA portal (, as Uniten is not presently the assessment centre.


  1. Pay the fee to your selected centre of assessment for APEL or PPA, and MQA stipulates the fee for APEL.A assessment as below :
    1. Diploma: RM240
    2. Bachelor: RM370
    3. Master: RM560


  1. Sit for the APEL.A assessment consisting of an aptitude test, portfolio submission, and/or an interview.


  1. Receive the APEL certificate from MQA if you passed the assessment.


  1. Apply to UNITEN for programme admission.


  1. Receive an Offer Letter from UNITEN if you meet all entry requirement criteria.


You may contact the APEL Department, UNITEN, for more information at or 012-398 1933