UNITEN’s collaborative, hands-on, approach in the classroom and lab extends across our campus — and beyond.

Diverse in every sense of the word, our community is a playground for opportunity in the heart of an education hub.

Located in the corridor of Putrajaya and in the breeze of Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang, UNITEN campuses are inside some of the best cities in Malaysia for students. Our lakeside campuses overflow with daring talents, national athletes, and a largest shopping mall for just about anything.

01. Wi-Fi and Connectivity
02. Sports & Cultural Facilities
03. Guidance & Counselling
04. Transportation
05. Internship & Career
06. Services & Facilities


Information Resource Centre (IRC)

UNITEN Information Resource Centre (IRC) began its operation in 1997 and is one of the leading private university libraries in Malaysia, with a reputation for providing information resources and excellence in customer service. This plays a key role in enabling and supporting the high standard of learning, teaching, education and research at UNITEN.

Clubs & Societies

With more than 50 clubs and associations, student life at UNITEN offers a welcoming place for everyone. To complement their academics and research, students choose their own extracurricular adventures, from a spectacular array of ways to participate in music, dance, and sports to dozens of groups that savor and celebrate cultures from around the world.

Personal Development

On the stage or field, living communities, and the surrounding area, UNITEN is where brilliant, committed, creative people come together to learn, work, live, and play.

UNITEN also offers a strong support network to help students navigate challenges by focusing on personal development.

Accommodation & Dining

Our accommodation are part cosy home, part entertainment center, part support system, and central to students’ UNITEN experience. Campus accommodation have distinct personalities and traditions, which contribute as much to our students’ growth as their academic experiences do. Dining at UNITEN is about choice and flexibility, with nearly 12 retail eateries that allow students to enjoy it all.

Health & Wellness

Succeeding at UNITEN means staying healthy — mind and hand, body and soul. Everyone needs a checkup or a check-in sometime. The University’s network of physical and mental support resources aims to keep our community happy, healthy, and active. We are always looking for ways to engage students and staff to make UNITEN stronger and more welcoming.