INTERNAL Shuttle Bus Service

  • The shuttle bus service will operate from
    o 07:30 - 22:30 (Monday – Friday)

  • Each trip is scheduled for every 30 minutes interval except during: -
    o 19:30 - 20:00 (Maghrib Prayer)
    o 12:30 - 14:30 (Friday Prayer)

  • The shuttle service will only pick up and drop off students at the following designated stops:-
  • The shuttle service is free of charge.

Semester Break

  • There will be no external and internal shuttle service during semester breaks.

KTM SERDANG / MRT Sungai Besi / Uni Park

  • The shuttle service will operate from:-
    o 07:00 - 21:00 (Monday – Friday)
    o 09:00 - 18:45 (Weekends & Public Holiday)

  • The shuttle service will travel to MRT Sungai Besi from 07:00 onwards (On daily basis including weekends and public holiday).

  • The shuttle service charges are as bellow:-
    o KTM Serdang RM1.50 per trip
    o MRT Sungai Besi RM3.00 per trip
    o Unipark Free of charge
    o Ticket may be purchased on the shuttle service
    through e-payment Boost system / DuitNow QR.

*Due to increasing demand from campus community, we are now catering the need to cover MRT Sungai Besi, as indicated in the schedule. Thus, the ride to TBS has been terminated and replaced with MRT Sungai Besi effective from 26th February 2024

The time of departure and/or intervals are merely indicative and is not conclusive nor guaranteed. The actual departure and/or interval time may vary according to traffic conditions.

KTM Serdang, MRT Sungai Besi, Unipark

  1. . The shuttle will pick up students from the following bus stops (except for *07:00am trip):-
    COE, Ilmu, DSS, Amanah, Murni, Admin, ATM/Library, MRT Sg. Besi, Opposite KTM Serdang, Unipark

    1. *07:00 shuttle trip will depart from ATM Library only.
    2. Please take note the trip from 09:00 onwards will depart from COE.
    3. The shuttle will go to MRT Sg. Besi first and the next stop will be at opposite KTM Serdang Bus Stop.
    5. Students going to / coming from the Mines Shopping Mall will be dropped off / picked up at opposite KTM
    Serdang Bus Stop.
    6. The shuttle will only leave the designated area at the scheduled time.

View Shuttle Map Here