University Tenaga Nasional is proud to offer free Wi-Fi and network facilities for the use of all residents of all the University's apartments in Putrajaya Campus and Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus. Residents can expect high speed internet connection and local area network, all from the comfort and privacy of their rooms, classes and most of spots in the campus.​​


The Computer Laboratories are located at several sites on Campus and are well served by the campus network. Currently, there are 20 computer laboratories and more than 1,000 workstations serving the student population. All the laboratories are interconnected, forming the University's Local Area Network (LAN).

The personal computers mainly run on Windows and macOS and support application software and computer programming, internet browsing, Microsoft Office and others. The labs are extensively used by students for classes. During the periods that the labs are free of classes, they are made available to students to complete their assignments. All teaching staff and students are provided with computer log-in accounts and e-mail addresses with internet access. Facilities for multimedia presentations are also well served by the DIMDS and the purpose-built lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

At the Muadzam Shah Campus, computing facilities are available at Level 4, Wisma Sultan Ahmad Shah with connection to the main campus network. The computer laboratories are equipped with over 90 units of computers to serve the needs of students.​

How to Connect to UNITEN Wireless Network

​Please download PDF below for Step-by-Step instructions on how to connect to UNITEN wireless nework:

Connect to UNITEN Wifi Network for Windows 8
Connect to UNITEN Wifi Network for Windows 7
Connect to UNITEN Wifi Network for Windows Vista
Connect to UNITEN Wifi Network for Windows XP​


Guidelines for e-mail via Outlook Web Access

Logon to Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Service Request


Please report problems on facilities and services within Campus by logging in to the Uniten Helpdesk System. The System is available Online throughout the Uniten Campus. Log in is accessible from individual desktops.


Any questions on the use of desktops, campus network, multimedia, printing or any IT-related services, please contact our IT & Multimedia Services (ITMS) staff:

ITMS Helpdesk
+603-8921 2020 ext 1669