Published on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

30 May 2023 – Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) recently welcomed a distinguished delegation from Strathclyde University to explore potential collaborations. The delegation, headed by Prof. Campbell Booth, Prof. Julian Taylor, and Dr. James Coral, engaged in productive discussions with UNITEN’s top management, led by Prof. Ir. Dr. Noor Azuan, the Vice-Chancellor.

The meeting served as a platform to discuss future prospects of international cooperation, focusing specifically on dual-degree programs and staff-student exchange. Both institutions are eager to strengthen their global presence and enhance educational opportunities for their respective student communities.

Prof. Ir. Dr. Noor Azuan expressed enthusiasm about the potential partnership, stating, “This is the way forward for UNITEN to prepare itself for the future. By internationalizing the university, we will enhance our competitiveness and attract top talents from around the world.” Recognizing the transformative impact of global collaborations, Prof. Ir. Dr. Noor Azuan emphasized the strategic significance of this initiative.

The envisaged partnership between UNITEN and Strathclyde University aims to materialize in October 2023. The collaboration holds immense potential for fostering academic excellence, promoting cultural exchange, and creating a diverse learning environment for students. By joining forces, both institutions seek to create new avenues for students’ personal and professional growth while nurturing an inclusive global perspective.

Additionally, the collaboration presents a significant financial opportunity, with the deal potentially worth RM500,000 annually. The investment signifies the commitment of both UNITEN and Strathclyde University to the success and sustainability of this partnership.

As the plans unfold, UNITEN remains dedicated to fostering international relationships and expanding its global network. The university firmly believes that this collaboration with Strathclyde University will unlock new horizons and propel UNITEN into a bright future of academic excellence and innovation.