Active Projects as of 1st January 2019

Project Title Contact Person
VRelax - Stress Therapy Virtual Reality System Dr Nazrita Ibrahim
Enhanced Continuous Face Recognition Algorithm for Smart Monitoring and Surveillance in Bandwidth Constrained Network Dr Hazleen Aris
Modelling of Advances Quality-of-Service-Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Fiber-Wireless Sensor Network in Smart Grid Dr. Nurul Asyikin Mohd Radzi
Active Learning in Engineering Education (ALIEN) Dr. Hazleen Aris
The use of Mixed Reality (MR) Environment for Competency Training of Power Station Generating Equipment Dr. Hidayah Sulaiman
Intelligent Deception Attack Detection Algorithm AP. Dr. Roslan Ismail
Winning the customer: Understanding Customers' Values through Analytic Driven Complaint Management System Dr Sulfeeza Mohd Drus
Development of Energy Smart Grid Ontology AP. Dr. Alicia Tang
Feasibility Study of Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance Models For TNB Grid Substation Asset Analytics Dr. Prajindra Sankar Krishnan


Completed Projects

Project Title Contact Person
Research and Development of Micro Cryptographic Engine for Protecting Data in Smart Grid Application Dr Norziana Jamil
TNB Mesh RF Network in AMI: Modelling and Analysis for Time Critical Communications Assoc. Prof. Dr Wahidah Hashim
Privacy Preservation Technique for Smart Metering Data Dr Asmidar Abu Bakar
Development of Advanced Measurement System for SCADA System Through the Application of Availability and Reliability Indices Dr Suhaimi Ab Rahman