UNITEN Research Achievements 2009

Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2009

UNITEN Research Achievements 2009

The Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe) was launched in August 2009 as part of UNITEN’s strategic transformation. With the support and cooperation from the Energy Commission of Malaysia and the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, IEPRe
is spearheading research and consultancy activities in energy research

UNITEN sent its solar car, the Solar Ranger 1 to participate in the World Solar Challenge
(WSC). The journey covered was 3,000km from Darwin to Adelaide solely on solar power.

College of Business Management and Accounting started its journal, International Journal of Business Management (IJBM), a doubleblind peer-reviewed journal, published in English twice a year (June and December). This journal has been indexed in MyJurnal by Malaysia Citation
Centre (MCC)

UNITEN started its printed-only journal, electronic Journal of Computer Science and
Information Technology (e-JCSIT), published twice a year

UNITEN organised The 3rd International Conference on Energy and Environment (ICEE 2009)

UNITEN organised International Seminar on Advances in Renewable Energy Technologies (ISARET 2009)

The Chair in Energy Economics at UNITEN is established to provide leadership and strategic
directions for IEPRe to spearhead contract research and energy related programmes.