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Published On 15 July 2019

Announcement of the Draft Final Exam Schedule For All Undergraduate Students (Putrajaya Campus) Semester 1, 2019/2020

You can view the Draft of Examination Timetable for Semester 3, 2018/2019 online via the URL below. This timetable is subject to change.

You are advis…

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Published On 19 June 2019





Dear Students,


Please take note that the Academic Advising Week for Sem. 2, 19/20 Subject Registration will be opened from 18 June - 12 July 2019


During this ses…

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Published On 27 May 2019

Notice to Students : Timetable & Add/Drop Session for Semester 1, 2019/2020

Students may view timetable for Semester 1, 2019/2020 in the Info System starting from 17 May 2019 (5.00pm onwards).

Students are advised to bring course outline/college handbook during th…

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Published On 17 May 2019

Notice for Foundation and Diploma Students Completing Special Semester, 2018/2019

Students completing their Foundation and Diploma Program and due to join the Degree Program on 21 May 2019 (Semester 1, 2018/2019) are advised to check your examination results online sta…

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Published On 17 May 2019

Examination Results for Foundation/Diploma/Bachelor Programmes, Special Semester, 2018/2019

You can view and print your examination results online at start from the date below:

Foundation/Diploma/Bachelor: 17th May 2019 from 3:00 pm onw…

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Published On 13 March 2019

Notice to Degree and Diploma Students : Online Subject Withdrawal (TD) for Special Semester, 2018/2019 (14 March 2019 - 24 April 2019)

Dear Students,
Please take note that The Online Subject Withdrawal period for this semester starts from 14 March 2019 and will be ended…

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Published On 18 January 2019

Updated Academic Regulations

Kindly download the updated Academic Regulations

  1. Academic Regulation - Foundation
  2. Academic Regulation - Diploma
  3. Academic Regulation - Bachelor (Degree)