Notice to Students : Timetable & Add/Drop for Special Semester, 2019/2020

Published on Monday, February 24, 2020

Students may view timetable for Special Semester, 2019/2020 in the Info System starting from 21 February 2020 (5.00pm onwards).

Students are advised to bring course outline/college handbook during the Add/Drop session.

Add/Drop Session for Special Semester, 2019/2020 will be held as follows:





Checking Add/ Drop timeslot







From22 February 2020 (5.00pm onwards)





1. Internet (24hours)

2. Apartments

3. ITMS Lab


Add/ Drop Session



24-26 February 2020


Follow the time-slot given

(8.30am - 4.00pm)

1.  Internet

2. Apartment

3. ITMS Lab


Diploma &



24-26 February 2020

1) KSHAS students need to log in to the different URL
2) Students are reminded to follow the given timeslot.

Those who have yet to settle their Pro-Forma Invoice by 17 February 2020 will not have timetable and need to develop the timetable by themselves during the Add/Drop session. However, students need to do the payment before proceed to the Add/Drop session. Students may refer the Subject Catalog menu in the Info System to check the subject fees.

After payment is made, students may register subjects by themselves (no need to queue at the Academic Helpdesk) and follow the time-slot given.

Students are allowed to amend their timetable during the Add/Drop session (Drop/Add/Change Section; subject to availability and at own risk).

Diploma students who have been offered to continue studies for the degree programme in Special Semester 2019/2020, are required to complete credit transfer process before proceed with subject registration.


Step 1: Activate Student ID

Step 2: Credit Transfer Process

Step 3: Register Subject


Counter 2, UCC

Deputy Dean (Academic) Office, Level 2 BN Building, COE

Computer Lab, ITMS


Counter 2, UCC

Deputy Dean (Academic) Office, Level 6 BW Building, CCI

Computer Lab, ITMS


Counter 1, UCC

Academic Block, COBA

Computer Lab, Wisma KSHAS


If students fail to register subject as stated in the program structure handbook until the add/drop session end (including special semester), the status will be changed from active to dropped without further notice. To activate the status, a processing fee of RM100.00 will be charged

To activate the student status from dropped to active, student need to do the following steps:

  1. Submit completed Application to Activate Student Status Form to UCC Counter.
  2. Once the application is successful, student is required to pay a processing fee of RM100.00

Students who were previously barred because of financial reasons but have settled their outstanding debts with the university, please ensure that the Finance department has lifted the bar. Add/ drop ticket will be automatically generated for those with status:

  1. Deferred to Active
  2. Changed Program to Active New ID
  3. APG previous status cancelled
  4. Dropped to Active

Thank you.

Registrar Office
21 February 2020