At UNITEN, we are committed to shape creative, innovative and energetic leaders of the future through our 50 programmes offered across five colleges.

Our students thrive in the culture of doing that satisfies their cravings for curiosity, fulfill their hunger for solving problems and flourishes their playful imagination which makes them an invaluable asset for the society.

Our students are fundamentally knowledgeable, resourceful through research and innovation that will best serve human society, and are technically competent in their respective discipline. All in all, we offer superiority in knowledge across field of studies; from engineering, information technology and computer science to accounting, finance, business and management.

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Undergraduate Study

Our undergraduate are equipped with the ability to tackle global challenges, pursue analytical questions with a curious mind and translate their playful imagination into ideas and actions. They will become responsible professionals with the appreciation for social, cultural, global and environment to ensure sustainable development. 

Universiti Tenaga Nasional offers a range of higher education opportunities including Foundation, Diploma, and Bachelor (Hons) programmes at undergraduate level. There are two campuses - Putrajaya Campus and Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus (KSHAS).

Postgraduate Study

Our postgraduates represent our scholarly community that possess advanced knowledge and learning experience among the university community through research and innovation that will best serve human society.

Universiti Tenaga Nasional offers a range of postgraduate higher education opportunities including Master, Master of Science, and PhD programmes. There are two campuses - Putrajaya Campus and Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus (KSHAS).

Professional & Executive Education

For executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and technical professionals eager to tap fresh thinking and new research from UNITEN, we offer dozens of executive and professional programmes. Some are on campus. Some are on your choice of premises. Ranging from one day to a month, they all share UNITEN’s signature focus on practical solutions for the real world.

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The Colleges

In UNITEN, the colleges showcase a set of global excellence in their respective discipline. Our educators are brilliant pioneers who are passionate to teach, engaged in hands on practice, and push for immeasurable mastery of knowledge and fresh ideas by destroying conventional walls between fields. Our colleges are also actively involved in few of the UNITEN’s interdisciplinary labs, centers, and institutes. These colleges also pursue initiatives that target crucial challenges - from renewable energy, sharing and gig economy entrepreneurship, to digital society, data analytics, and IR 4.0.