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What is Microsoft 365 and how do I log into my account?

Hi student, Microsoft 365 is a Student Portal where student may access to Microsoft teams 365, Moodle, and UNITEN Info by using registered student email. To login, kindly refer to UNITEN QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE.

How do I change my Microsoft 365 Password? 

If you forgot your password, please follow the guide to reset password.
1. On UNITEN website STUDENT tab, click Teams@Office365 or
2. Click sign in and login Use your UNITEN email address, and enter the same password as your UNITEN student email password.
3. Click setting icon and select change your password.


It should be noted that your Student Info and Moodle password will also be changed due to system integration. However, it may take some time. Please allow 2-3 hours for the change to take effect.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot you password, you need to reset it first to get a new password.
1. On UNITEN website STUDENT tab, click Teams@Office365 or
2. Click sign in, and then click forgot my password. Enter your registered email and type the captcha characters and click next.
3. Type your phone number. It must be the same phone number as in our system. Then click Text or Call.
4. A verification code will be send to your phone via SMS / Call. Enter the code, then click next. Enter your new password. Then click finish.

What is Student Info and how do I log into my account?

Student Info is a one stop centre for you to view and edit various student information during your studies in UNITEN. You can access lecture timetable, class noticesess, exam timetable and result. Else, student accommodation, ledger balance, advisor meeting, industrial training, biodata and next off kin and more. To login, please go
Student may login using user student\STUDENTID and password.

What is Online Student Records and how do I log into my account?

Online Student Records is an online system you can use to Add and Drop Subject to your Lectures Timetable.
1. Before accessing Onlie Student Records, you need to check your online ticket from Online Info System.
2. On campus Putrajaya : http://tioman/online
On KSHAS Campus : http://rawa/online
off-campus :
3. Student may login using user student\STUDENTID and password.

What is BRIGHTEN and how do I log into my account?

Brighten is an e-learning platform your lecturers will use to share farious content that will help with your studies.
1. On UNITEN website Student tab, click BRIGHTEN
Go directly :
Download Brighten App.
2. Log in using your student email and password.

How do I connect to UNITEN Wi-Fi?

We provide a step-by-step guide on how to connect to UNITEN WiFi.
Kindly click the link below:

In case of a server down issue at UNITEN, what should I do?

If the server is down, students can lodge a complaint using the following channel:

  1. i-Recommend :
  1. Go to UCC for assistance.

How do I join the orientation week?

For Face-to-Face Orientation:
Students may obtain a timetable pertaining to the orientation week from the Student Representative Council (SRC).

For Online Orientation:
Students should receive an email containing the link to the orientation group. **Subject to change (latest update)

Can I stay off campus during the orientation week?

Undergraduate students:

All new students are required to stay on campus during the orientation week. Accommodation and meals are provided during the program.

Postgraduate students:

You are encouraged to attend orientation session. The student portal (system) and processes involved for postgraduate students are different as compared to the undergraduate students such as submission of progress report and re-registration for each semester.

Is it compulsory to stay on campus? What accommodation options are available for new students?           

New students are encouraged to stay on campus to facilitate on campus movement and adapt to the learning environment.

There are three types of rooms available at UNITEN:

  • Premium Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Superior Room

For more details on the types of rooms at Putrajaya Campus & KSHAS, kindly visit the following link:

Does UNITEN provide transportation service to students?

UNITEN provides a comprehensive shuttle service for students to commute around campus. A shuttle service is available for students to and from public transportation station nearby the campus. Pick-up and drop-off are only at designated places. 

For further information, please refer to:

The information is updated every semester.

Are UNITEN students covered by insurance? How do I report any emergency cases?

Please be informed that under Universiti Tenaga Nasional (“UNITEN”) Rules, it is COMPULSORY to all registered students of UNITEN to procure the Group Medical Insurance Policy (The “Policy”).

All registered students of UNITEN are under the protection of the Group Medical Plan. University has contracted with an Insurance Company to provide on compulsory basis, sickness and accident insurance.

For International students, the issuance of medical card will take within 21 working days from the issuance of student pass. International Office (IO) will inform students to collect your medical card via email once it is ready.

You can also refer to the following link:

For international students :

Students may visit the nearest medical centres for any emergency matters (i.e. accidents etc.) as below:

UNITEN Putrajaya Campus:

  • Serdang Hospital (3 km)
  • Kajang Hospital (9 km)
  • Putrajaya Hospital (11 km)
  • and several private hospitals.


  • Muadzam Shah Hospital (1.6km)

I have a disability. How do I get the support I need?

We encourage students with disabilities to disclose the nature of their disabilities and their special needs during the admission and enrolment period.

You can also refer to the following link:

How do I get counsellor services?

 UNITEN has in-house counsellors and assisted by several trainee counsellors.

Click the following link to find details of the counsellors: 

(Services are protected under the Counselling Act)

What are sports and cultural facilities available at UNITEN?

 UNITEN has a Mini Sports Complex, Sports Arena, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool and various indoor and outdoor courts.

For cultural facilities, UNITEN has musical instruments, equipment, props and others to facilitate student activities and events.

Most facilities are free for UNITEN students. Only certain facilities require rental at a minimum rate.

For more info, kindly visit the following link:

Booking Procedures of Sport Facilities:

1.    Check for availability of facilities at Talent Enrichment Unit counter, 1st Floor of Sports Arena. Bookings can be made: 

a.    Register at the Gymnasium counter at DSS Ground floor

b.    By phone – 0389212929 ext.  1131/1137/1318/1136

c.     Via email

2.    Make official application using forms provided

3.    Get approval from a Sports Officer

4.    Make payment & keep official receipt for reference

5.    Take care of facilities or rental items used. Students are responsible for any damages or losses.

Why are the charges for each subject different?

 The charges are different because it depends on the intake, credit hours taken, and groups of subject (core or MPU subjects).

How long does a refund take?

The refund process usually takes 14 WORKING DAYS. Students will be informed if there are any problems.

Why does Finance Blocking status appear in the system?

Generally, students will be issued finance blocking status if he/she has any debts for the semester.

When will Finance Department update the blocking status and how to get the status bypassed/unblocked?

Finance Department will update the finance status (blocking) 2 weeks after the invoice is issued.

  1. To get bypassed/unblocked, students need to pay all the outstanding debt (for non-sponsored student) or student portion debt (for sponsored student).

    Non-sponsored student may send email to for any enquiries
    Sponsored students can send email to:

    a.    Mrs. Norsazalina Ghazali  

    b.    Mr. Muhamad Hakeem Azmi                                                                                                    

OR Students may go to UCC counter 6 for any enquiries.  

What if I don’t have a banking account number?

 Students may use an existing bank account or student may open a new bank account based on scholarship requirements.

International students are eligible to open a new bank account by providing the following supporting documents.

  • Valid visa / student pass
  • UNITEN student confirmation letter from the Registrar Office and International Office.

 What is the preferred bank account?

 Students may use an existing bank account or student may open a new bank account based on scholarship requirements.

How do I withdraw the fund from The Employees Provident Fund (EPF)?

UNITEN accepts tuition fees payment from EPF withdrawal application. This method is only applicable for local students and all level of studies except for foundation.

For more information and procedures regarding EPF withdrawal application, please visit for further reference and information.

What is Subject Registration Session?

Subject registration week is a period where students have to register subjects for next semester timetable within a specific time frame.

What should I do if I don’t get my online ticket?

Please email for assistance

How do I check my online ticket?

You may check your online ticket at student info: > Tickets  

What is Time Slot? What if I missed my time slot?

Time slot is a length of time allocated for student to register subjects. Students can still register subject even if they miss the time slot until the last day of subject registration session. No new time slot will be provided after the last day of subject registration session.

What am I supposed to do if I want to drop or change my subject?

Please refer to the step-by-step guide on how to drop subject in the Online Subject Registration Guidelines provided on UNITEN Website (

Students are required to follow the program structure given by the college.

What should I do if I have a timetable clash?

Students have to arrange the timetable in case of a timetable clash. You may drop any subject then try to rearrange the respective subjects. Students may contact the College HOD if the timetable cannot be changed.

Who do I need to contact if I have problems with subject registration?

Please email your student’s details to  or please refer to the Subject Registration Notice ( ) on UNITEN website.

What are the requirements to get visa renewal?

For more details on visa renewal application, kindly contact:

Putrajaya Campus : Mrs. Dhiya Syazana Rosli ( from International Office.